Sunday, October 20, 2013


Now that Halloween is almost here it is time to start thinking about Thanksgiving. since every holiday has been out in the stores since before school started for the kids, it makes it hard to enjoy each holiday as they come. I remember as a kid each holiday was put out 30days before the holidays which made it more exciting to see what is new for that year. So it is what it is and now we are forced to sort through all of them at once.
I was searching through ideas for Thanksgiving, which is a lost holiday between Halloween and Christmas. For me, Thanksgiving is all about family and what we are thankful for throughout the year. I found a lot of pumpkins and turkeys in my search, so I decided to look for the way to design my turkeys. I went to the Dollar Tree and found some treasures to make my very own design.

I found a couple of pinecones I had on hand, I am sure we all have pinecones that we have collected throughout our travels. When I was shopping at the dollar tree I found some paper fall leaves 10 for a dollar and in the Christmas section I found gold glitter poinsettias which would be perfect for my little pinecone. I cut the ball centers to save later for another project and cut the bottom half leaves to be the feathers of the turkey and glued it to the back of the baby turkey. Yes I saved the left over center of the poinsettia to save for later too. 

With the other pieces of the poinsettia I add for the feet and filled in the rest of the pinecone to make him fuller, also I used the poinsettia balls from the center to make the wattle of the turkey.

For the beak I used a piece of the large pinecone and then added his eyes. Now time for the mama turkey it was pretty simple to do. I used the fall leaves- 3 of the orange color and glued to the back of the large pinecone. They were pretty easy to work with, the leaves have wire in then so I could bend them the way I wanted.

I used some of the leaves from the poinsettia leaves for the feet and one for the wattle. With part of the pinecone for the beak and added eyes and here is my mama turkey. I wish I was a great photographer, but I think they turned out pretty cute.

Thanks for stopping bye! Enjoy your turkeys! First seen on Activity Directors Sharing Ideas blog site. Linda Janicki  =)  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An honor to have a blog feature on

Ok it has been a while since I have posted, but recently I had the honor of having my post of the Crayon Chandelier's on I was inspired again. So look for more post coming soon. I would like to thank again for bringing a spark back into my blogging again!
Here is the post