Friday, November 15, 2013

Old shirt Pumkins

I was going to lunch with the Ladies I use to work with and I wanted to have a themed gift and since it was November, the first thing that came to mind was pumpkins! Since I had some old shirts and instantly I thought I would use them for the occasion. I didn't have any stuffing I decided to use the part of the shirt I wasn't using to stuff them.

Ok I know pumpkin's are not blue, but I thought they turned out kinda cute. I then added the twine to wrap around the opening and then added the stripes the make the markings of the pumpkins by wrapping around the bottoms.

After I made the pumpkins I cut off the excess fabric in the top to make it a cleaner look. Since I had some sticks I gathered for the Sunflower stick craft I cut the down to glue in the center of the pumpkins.

I left the strings long enough to add some fudge and a card with a Thanksgiving saying that I found.
Forgive me for I can't remember the source of this wonderful find of this great poem so it is not something I made myself so I am not talking credit for this. When I made a Pinecone Turkeys I had some orange leaves left over and I used them to add color as leaves to finish off my pumpkins.

I added baking to the cards to make the colors pop. I made these big for eye sight reasons and attached them to the pumpkins with the red velvet fudge I made which you will find on me Facebook page now that I remember I posted the poem as well .....Yay! So if you head over there you can find them

This is how they turned out and I was pretty pleased with the outcome ....and now for the final touch I added essential oil of orange to give it a smell of fall. It was a great lunch we had and good times sharing old memories =).
Enjoy! Linda  


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