Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dried Apple Wreath

Today was our Dried Apple Wreaths... OK after many hours of drying apples I lost count at 40 I have been doing this during National Assisted Living Week too. I know how crazy am I so I found this wreath when I was at thrift store looking for some cup and saucers (this is for another project) but I ran into this one and I thought it tattered but seemed easy enough. I also saw this on a wonderful web site called activityconnection.com I would recommend this site it is worth the price! Both projects were on grapevine wreaths. When I was shopping for supplies the grapevine wreaths ranged between $5.99 up to $9.99. Well if your are like me I am on a budget and every cents count and with the other supplies oh my goodness I had to make this happen.
I had went to Artcocrafts.com and I found this  rope with green moss attached to it cost was $9.99 a roll and it made 8 circles ....perfect for my craft group. I tied wire around them to close the gap and made a loop for hanging.

So for the second step I started adding strips of wire in between the button holes and attaching them to dried apples and then twisting the wire around the hoop you can either twist then and tuck them down or cut off excess wire ...just make sure when you cut then you also push the cut portion in so it isn't sharp in back. Keep adding your apples and buttons.
this is the under view of the wreath
for the final touches add anything you want ....I added raffia a cheap way to add a little fun to the project. Other fun things could be silk autumn leaves, small pine cones or whatever you your hearts desire. Here is the finished project.

I had some dried apples left for a project next month called
House Warming gift for the Holidays for them to take for their families when they visit....I will keep up to date!!!! For now remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away! OK so that was a bad pun =)
Happy Crafting

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