Friday, September 28, 2012

The Bucket List

I am so happy to come back from a great WSAAP conference at Warm Beach Christian Camp. It was truly camping but we made it through and my Executive Director was given the Administrator of the year award. The whole team came up to see her receive her reward she was completely surprised!!!!
Today we celebrated with all of the staff and had a surprised fiesta job was to keep her busy until everything was set up. So I took her shopping and it was hard today, because she had so much to do that she kept wanting to get back to the building I even had a fake twisted foot .....oh boy!
Well all went well and so everyone had a great time!!! That is what is important!
OK to get to the meaning of this Bucket List. Everyone was headed to go to the the zip lines and obstacle course we I was a Little well allot heavier then the Activity Directors that were going. We all went on the test course and everyone passed even me, Yahoo!
Then came the real course this very big tree and very high so everyone went and it was my turn, I got two steps up and oh boy!, that was hard, so I came down as gracefully as I could, and said to the teacher "oh well, it's on my Bucket list but, I will get there someday. At that point he said without hesitation ..."Hey Crew we got a bucket list request and we are going to make this happen for her"

I was so surprise and scared at once .....I didn't know what was involved...... all of a sudden everything was in fun swing they work with people with special needs, so all these ropes and all the commotion for me....what if I froze and had to come down? Really I was getting nervous. Everyone was mostly gone at that point and a few watchers in our group were still there cheering everyone on. So with the help of those wonderful Activity Directors that stayed behind helped pull me up to the platform so I could Zip down.... this is me ...... Scared to death but with all they had done for me I had to go I have pictures fro another camera that showed me coming down when I got to the top I had two wonderful women up top telling it's OK they told me to sit down on the platform it would be easier ...........Bless their hearts .....but I just jumped not even thinking I just went and it was amazing!!!!! I want to thank to Zip line Staff at Warm beach Christian Camp in Stanwood. Thank you for making the number 1 on my Bucket List h........Thank you!     

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